French sharm is even in the name of the brand. Chic, sensuality, delicacy, elegance, exquisiteness. All this is a statement of an excellent taste and permanent feeling of a festive mood - exclusively for you.
Those, who are true experts in high quality and wears only sublime things, could understand the inspiring and secretly found essence of NuCode style:  have the best you can.

NuCode Lingerie Collection existance is bound to famous German artist Franz Xaver and his portraits. For the designers of the brand the most impressive picture was "Princess Alice", Mother of the last Russian tsarina. Her arms and the dress are covered by the thinest black Chantilly lace. The manufacture of this lace was established in the small town Chantilly by Catherine de Bourbon in the XVIII century. Soft lace enwraps its owner, emphasizes her internal beauty and dazzles. Inspired  by the masterpieces, our designers created their own chef d'œuvres materialized in the lingerie items. The heart of the collection is the Chantilly lace that generates the veil of seduction, reveals sensationism, courtliness and exility of the owner.
NuCode lingerie means descreet, feminity, natural elegance, custom design and the fabrics of the highest quality.
NuCode is a young Russian brand of lingerie, established in 2015. Our goal is to help women to be beautiful and adored without excessive efforts. In our store you always can find lingerie that meets every taste alongside with our home wear collections which are truly comfy and cosy.
All the items are made from natural Italian silk and superfine French lace. Every produced model  is thoroughly scrutinised under expert quality checks  and comes on the shelf of our boutique only if it is ideal in its model, form and shape.
NuCode is your seduction secret!